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Over 1,000,000 Reading Glasses Sold since 1999

Who are you?

We are two Baby Boomers who use reading glasses. We had nothing to do with optics or reading glasses. In 1999 we decided that reading glasses should be affordable enough, so that anyone who needs them can have them in all the places they might need to have access to them. We've all have experienced the frustration of needing to read something, and not being able to because reading glasses weren't nearby. Now people can afford to have several pair throughout their homes and workplaces.

How do you sell quality glasses at these prices?

Other people who sell reading glasses, have sold them by traditional means in the past. When Internet selling became popular, they added their glasses to the Internet. They still incur costs associated with traditional businesses. We are truly an "e" company. We have no stores, salespeople, or other expenses that our competitors have. While we admit that we want to make a profit, our philosophy is to sell quality glasses at a reasonable price, and back it with excellent customer service.  No gimmicks.  No "free" this, or "only" that amount.  If you're old enough to wear reading glasses, you're old enough to know, nothing is "free".  We just sell great products for great prices with great customer service. Our formula has resulted in our selling of hundreds of thousands of reading glasses. We've been successful and we have been growing since our inception.

Why do you require the purchase of at least 3 items, and reserve the right to substitute color?

Requiring a purchase of at least 3 pair of glasses allows us to buy glasses in quantity at better prices, and we pass those savings to you. In addition, we find that 3 pair of our glasses often costs less than one pair of our competitors. As we receive glasses in assorted colors, having the flexibility to substitute color allows us to reduce our inventory, and again, pass savings to you. You will receive the color you order over 90% of the time, however we do occasionally have to substitute color, and of course we have less felixibility in models that we discontinue.  Please email us or use the "customer notes" section if you will not accept a substitute color, and we'll let you know what options are available. Keep in mind, that accessories count as an item with the 3 minimum requirement.

What about models that you state you will ship colors "as available"?

If you order more than one pair of glasses that have various design patterns, we always try to send different designs or colors unless you otherwise request it.  If a choice says "assorted", it means we pick the color(s).

What diopters do you carry?

Depending on the model, we carry from 1.00 to 6.00. We do not carry 3.25 or 3.75. We do not carry .50 or .75
Also, we do not carry glasses with different diopters for each eye. These are over the counter reading glasses, the kind sold in supermarkets and drugstores.