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Flaxseed Oil Relieves Dry Eye Symptoms

Alternative methods for treating different disorders are becoming more prevelant.


Some alternative methods for treating different disorders are becoming more prevelant.  Eye care providers recommend flaxseed oil as a nutritional supplement for treating dry eye, caused by factors such as living in an arid climate. (Flaxseed oil of course should be taken orally, and never applied directly to the eye).  Dry eye can impede the ability to read.

      Flaxseed oil contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids thought to help restore the oily portion of a tear film that moistens the eye. Studies indicate positive results, though the remedy does not work for everyone.

      Some researchers say including fish oil as a supplement makes flaxseed oil even more effective. For optimal results, you should use the freshest possible sources of flaxseed oil.

      Dry eye symptoms include a sensation of having grit or a foreign object in the eye. If symptoms persist, make sure you contact an eye care provider who might recommend other, more traditional remedies.