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When the pressure increases in the eyeball causing damage to the optic nerve and also causing a loss of vision the person who is affected is said to have glaucoma. In the normal eye there is fluid, which is produced in the posterior chamber. This fluid then passes through the pupil and into the anterior chamber after which it drains through the outflow channels. Although a small amount of pressure is required to keep the shape of the eyeball intact, when the flow of this fluid is blocked by an obstruction the pressure increases producing blind spots in the visual field and a loss of peripheral vision. There are several types of glaucoma including open- angle glaucoma, subacute angle-closure glaucoma, congenital glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma. The most common type of glaucoma seldom occurs before the age of 40 may have no symptoms at all until some degree of blindness has occurred. Strong powered reading glasses that we offer are used by people with emerging Macular Degeneration patients.

With all forms of glaucoma the treatment is more successful if it has began early in the condition. With open angle glaucoma medicated eye drops are given to control the condition. With closed angle glaucoma there are several medications that can be given to quickly decrease the pressure in the eye and laser therapy is available to allow drainage. Acute closed angle glaucoma is considered a medical emergency and is treated immediately either laser surgery or medications to reduce the pressure. Glaucoma that is caused by injury or disease will depend on the cause. In some cases corticosteroids are given to decrease the inflammation with medication to keep the pupils enlarged.