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Importance of Sunglasses for Children

As report in the July, 2008 of US News and World Report:

UV is not a factor in macular degeneration in the adult eye because it's filtered by the ocular lens and its ocular lens pigment (OLP) - before it reaches the retina where the macula is located. Visible light does reach the retina, and among the wavelengths that the eye associates with color, it is the higher energy visible (violet and blue) that increase the risks of macular degeneration. Good sunglasses should eliminate all of the UV to reduce the risks of cataracts; but they should also reduce the levels of HEV (high energy visible) light - to reduce the risks of macular degeneration. Like the OLP in our eyes, such sunglass lenses would appear yellow-brown or brown; so the color of the sunglass lens does, in fact, matter. Children are at particular risk from early damage to the retina because their lens does not yet have the age-related OLP. And seniors who have had a cataract operation are also at risk when the HEV-protecting OLP is removed along with their cataract lens – especially at a time when the anti-oxidant system located near their retina is compromised because of age.

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