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Over 1,000,000 Reading Glasses Sold since 1999

New Technology

Many reading glass lenses are the lightest, thinnest, distortion-free optical lens available. We feature the newest "aspheric" lens technology, our lenses deliver maximum optical clarity and comfort, while enlarging your field of vision. Our lenses reduce eye magnification so you can be confident the look you're projecting is truly natural.

Lens Care:
  • Avoid the use of alcohol-based cleaning solutions on your lenses. Periodically, rinse off your glasses with tap water to remove environmental dirt and body salts and oils. Towel dry with a cotton or Micro-fiber cloth. Avoid paper products. Their wood content will scratch your lenses. We recommend a Microfiber cleaner, which we sell online to clean and polish all our lenses. Come to our Accessory page for product information.
  • Wear your reading glasses on a cord, or chain around your neck. You'll avoid leaving them behind carelessly.
  • Gently remove your glasses from your face with both hands. This will prevent the frame from becoming stretched out of shape.  Do not place them on a surface with the lenses down.
  • Wearing Reading Glasses on the top of your head will distort their shape and places stress on the temples and lenses.
  • To protect their shape, avoid parking your Reading Glasses on the dashboard of your car on a hot day.

Frame Tips
  • Balance out features. Small or delicate faces with thin hair, lips and eyebrows should choose smaller, delicate frames and vice versa.
  • Short faces can be made to look longer in a high-placed, light-colored temple.
  • Long noses or wide-set eyes look best with a heavy, dark bridge that sits low on the nose.
  • Small noses or close-set eyes look best with a high, thin, light bridge. Rimless styles are also flattering.
  • Close-set eyes appear further apart when paired with frames that are light or clear in the nose area.
  • Eyes that are set far apart benefit from frames that are darker in the nose area and have a wider bridge
  • Fuller faces should be paired with wide styles that don't sit on the cheeks.
  • Oval shapes and styles that have adjustable nose pads offer the most universal fit.