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Radiation and Reading Glasses

Source of Ultraviolet Radiation: UV sunglasses are used to attenuate ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum in sunlight. This band of radiation is also contained in light that is reflected from various surfaces like sand, snow and water. It is even present in light that bounces off the pavement and roads.  Even some regular reading glasses protect against UV rays.

UV Radiation Problems: Even though our eyes provide some natural protection against UV radiation, there is evidence that long-term exposure to UV light causes damage to the eyes, increasing the risk of cataracts and other associated problems. Excessive exposure to intense sunlight can burn the surface of the eye if UV protection sunglasses are not being worn. The problems with exposure to UV rays have recently been compounded by the Earth's depleting ozone layer, which now filters out less UV radiation. This means that humans are being exposed to higher levels of UV light, hence the requirement for quality sunglasses and reading glasses. People who work outdoors, on water, at high altitude or those who sunbathe and go skiing, may be particularly susceptible.

Solution: Sunglasses provide one of the best methods of UV protection for the eyes, especially lenses that block 100% of UV light. Our range of UV protection reading sunglasses provide full protection against natural UV rays. All of our sunglasses have been selected for their stylish and fashionable looks, varying colours and durability. An essential consideration of any activity outdoors is safeguarding our eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. These lenses are ideal for that purpose. 

Many people don't realize that even the clear lenses provide a degree of UV protection.