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"I have never had such good service. All the glasses arrived today and was exactly what I wanted. I will certainly pass the word around on how great your service and merchandise is. I also will be ordering more soon in various colors. Again, I will be spreading the word on your company. Word of mouth, as you know, is the best advertisement. Aloha and thanks for such GREAT service".

"Just received my 1st order from you & the reading glasses are absolutely great, especially for the price. Thank you for offering such a great value!"

"I placed another order with your company tonight and while I have made several orders from 4Readers before (and been very happy with price and product), I checked out other suppliers online and could not find anything close to the price and the selection that you offer! Next time, I won't even bother looking anywhere else since it is clear that 4readers is just the best site for good cheap reading glasses".

"You guys are a real class operation. I received my new glasses and braided 

eyeglass holders as a replacement for the ones I wrote you about. You pack the things 

so well I'm really shocked that anything is ever damaged. I have to believe it was 

just one of those quality slips and nothing you did. In any case I want you to know 

that I've been bragging about you throughout my family and friends and I play a lot of 

games online and have been dropping your name all over the place. I hope I do more for 

me than you do for me. and I mean it. I will make a difference because I reciprocate 

to quality product and service and you do both. I don't want to beat it up too much 

it'll make it seem patronizing but I just like letting hard work not gone by 

unrewarded. You have a lifelong customer in me and I will send you business of that 

you can be sure. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You guys  deserve it. 

Thanks for the experience, trust and honesty".

".... I received my order today. 2 days after ordering it. And I didn't pay extra for the express shipping. ... I'm a little eccentric about reading glasses. I have dozens of them. Partially because I lose them and break them regularly. On the other hand I just like trying different styles. ... Your glasses are just great. Good looking, packaged extremely well and the lenses are pretty much on the mark. For my money I can't see shopping for an eyeglass site any longer.  ...You have it all. And at unbelievable prices. Thanks for a decent price and terrific service. A refreshing change of pace in a crazy world of retail".       

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to have found your website.  I go through reading glasses too frequently and at 15 to 20 dollars a pair, it was becoming frustrating.  I placed my order and received my glasses within the same week.  I got 6 pair for just slightly more than what one usually costs me.   These glasses are better quality then the ones I was paying top dollar for!!!  You are filling a much needed niche, and you are doing it brilliantly.  I am going to tell all my middle aged friends about your site, as we are all in the same boat now!! Thank you for providing such a wonderful 
service.  I will be ordering again and again".

"I ordered 3 pair of fashion reader’s w/matching case last week and I just received them yesterday. I am so pleased with all three of them I’m thinking about ordering three more for back-ups.  There cute, they feel good and I can see out of them...   I have purchased other readers, and I was just not very happy with the quality and I still had trouble with eye strain.  I just wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am with this purchase, and they came so quickly.  Keep up the good work. I will be telling all my friends about your site. Thanks again for offering a good product at a good price and not charging too much for shipping".

"Package received. Thank you for the great service. The quality of these glasses is excellent. I usually buy the $10 ones at Wal-Mart, but no more. These far exceed those in quality and price. Thanks again".
"It is a delight in ordering from 4readers.  Your company offers a wide range of glasses at very reasonable prices, the quick delivery after placing an order is exceptional, and responses to questions are immediate which is very much appreciated".
"I AM THRILLED! My glasses came today, just four days after my order was placed!
They came just before work today! yay!  I'M IMPRESSED! ..... KUDOS TO YOU!  Thank you SO MUCH for sending my personal request. You have a PERMANENT customer, for sure.... I will certainly not hesitate to refer my coworkers who will inevitably ask me where I got them to you!... Again, my SINCERE GRATITUDE! You're the BEST"!

"Dear Friends, I have been a customer of yours for about five years now. In the environment I work , it is necessary for me to order specialty items through the internet. Two very important determining factors of who I shop with are ease of site navigation along with hassel-free APO shipping. I have experienced nothing but that when dealing with Of course the high quality and fantastic prices are certainly appreciated also. As far as I am concerned, your service is unparalleled."
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you not only for the great service I've always received when doing business with you, but also for providing me with high quality, affordable reading glasses. Considering the beating I give them over the course of a day, they are amazingly resilient."
"I can't believe it...from order placed 9:44PM Feb 18th to delivery this morning, the 21st!  Unheard of service and the $3.33 "specials" are better than the twenty dollar ones sold in SF.  I will be back for the "designer line" soon. Thank You  Thank You."
"Thank you for your prompt response.I had already told everyone at work how great your web site was even before you offered such great customer service.You have hooked me as a customer. Thanks!"
"I just wanted to say you guys have the absolute best service I’ve ever had... You have totally changed the way I feel about Internet shopping... You guys will hear from me again in the future. I look forward to buying more stuff from you and also telling my friends what website to use to buy their girlfriends good quality things".
"I just had to write to tell you how happy I am with my purchase and how impressed I am with your service.  I will recommend you to all my friends and I will be buying from you again in future".

"I really love your product.  I have bought many pairs of your glasses.  I tend to sit on, smash or generally abuse my glasses.  Not only do your products stand up well to this abuse, they are inexpensive enough to replace when I have managed to damage to a point they are unusable.  It is also a great way to keep a pair floating around the house so I'm not needing to carry them around with me.  Thanks for offering such a great product at such a reasonable price!"
"Thanks for providing such a fine product and such fine and prompt service regarding the gift of good sight for reading...a treasure for those in need".
"I only made a very small order, but am very pleased with the service and speed at which I received it. It is good to find a company that still takes pride in their work. I will, (and have already), recommended your site. Oh, BTW, the product is all if not better than specified. Thank you".
"Your product is superior to the expensive readers I was buying before finding - for comfort, quality, durability, and style.  Everyone asks where I got them.  You are the find of the year, they say!  If I didn't keep losing them, I believe they'd last me for years! the quality is so good. 
I just ordered another 3 pr".
"You are a fabulous company to do business with.  I have been buying my specs from you since 2005 and your service is unfailingly excellent.  It continues to amaze me that your delivery - from USA to UK - always seems to arrive earlier than my home orders.  You are one of the very best internet companies I have dealt with, and if anyone is looking at this site and thinking this seems to be too good to be true, let me assure you that it's not!!"
"Thanks again for a wonderful and speedy service".
"My order just arrived and I am so pleased with the glasses I ordered from you.  Bifocal reading and sun glasses!!!!!! The quality is great and the price is even better.  I will be recommending your site to friends.  Thank you......thank you.......thank you!!!!!!!!"
" I would just like to thank you for the high quality of your glasses.  I had been buying my reading glasses at a big box store in quantities of three for $18.  The quality was terrible.  I purchased 6 pairs from you for just $12.99 for three pairs. The lenses are clear and the frames are rugged.  Just what I was looking for, I will not hesitate in recommending your glasses to my friends and family".
"Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am after a month of using the glasses we got from you.  Ordered 3 MB1066 for me and 3 MB1017 for my wife.  Very high quality at a heck of a price!  Good lenses, comfortable and sturdy.  We'll be back when we need more".
"I looked for so long to find bificol sunglasses at a decent price.  I was skeptical at first when I saw yours for only  $6.49.  I ordered them and they are unbelievably beautiful and super quality.  I will be ordering a 2nd and 3rd pair!  Thanks!"
"I can't tell you how many people I've sent to your site.  My glasses always "match" my clothes and are often a topic of conversation....even among strangers!"

 "I don't quite know how to start other than to say thank you over and over again. (While driving) I could ... read the street signs but I was no longer able to read the instrument panel on my dash....what a bummer!!! I would catch myself hunting for a pair of readers while driving so I could read a map or to even see how much gas I had left.  ... I finally ordered my first pair of bifocal sunglasses and thanks to your speedy delivery I received them the day I was to leave on a road trip to San Diego much to my delight!!  Let me tell you I could have cried when I put those babies on and I could actually protect my eyes and read the dash. You opened up my world again and I can't thank you enough!!!  ... Thank you, thank you 4readers you are an amazing company and I will recommend you highly to anyone that I think will listen."
"What a wonderful are making seeing better, a whole lot of fun...thanks!!!"
"Received the readers yesterday. Thank you for the fast shipping! These are great readers and a great deal for the money!  Very happy customer and will buy again."
"Just wanted to let you guys know I received my glasses and have to tell you how pleased I am.  The quality is just terrific as are the styles.  It's bad enough having to wear these things, but having the great funky styles you offer makes it so much more pleasant.  I go thru a zillions pair as I'm pretty rough on them and having found your site with the prices and selections and the incredibly fast shipping just turned me into a return customer.  Im going to tell everyone I know who wears readers about you. Oh and the tee shirt " What Happens at Grandmas Stays at Grandmas" is just delightful.  I'm giving it to my 2 yr old niece and when grandma sees it she's just going to scream!"
"I just received my order for 6 pair of your glasses. I teach and the hand-painted glasses have become my trademark. An added benefit is when I "forget" them lying on a desk or counter in the library or office, everyone knows who they belong to.  I continue to be so impressed with your speed and communication when I have a question.  Thank you for the services you provide and for offering the reading glasses at such a price I can afford to have several pair".

"You have great products at  great prices but the excellent customer service is what makes doing business with you a pleasure".

"I love your glasses...I have gotten so many compliments on this particular style (MB1071HP) that I have shared your email address with quite a few friends and even strangers have stopped me on the street and asked me about where I purchased them.  You better send me business cards soon!"

"They are just fabulous!!!!!!!   I am very, very pleased with the product, the price, the color selection and the great customer service.  Have recommended your web site to several of my friends.  It's wonderful now to be able to have those "extra" reading glasses in a place where you need them, and to boot, they are sooooooooo fashionable!  I look forward to being a return customer".

"I would just like to say that this is my third time ordering from you.  There is not a thing you could do to improve on your great service--you are outstanding.  Thank you".

"I was in the Bahamas and believe it or not I lost three pairs of glasses while on the beach and the golf course.  A lovely Bahamian woman offered me the use of her "readers"... we started to talk about glasses and where we ordered them.  Turns out we were both your customers.  The world is getting smaller and smaller".

"I just posted on the QVC bulletin board about you guys!  As you know I have gotten a ton of glasses from you and give out your cards when folks ask me where did you get those cool specs!  So when someone asked on the bulletin board this morning I just HAD to tell them about you! And the site is looking GREAT!  All the best..."

"You guys are absolutely the best!!!!!  Thanks for the quick service.  I tell all my friends about you, I hope they order from you....not because I want the credit, but because you are a great company".

"I received my glasses two days after I placed my order!  I LOVE my new reading glasses and the prices are GREAT! It's so nice to do business with you".
"Thanks so, so much for providing a great product, great service, and GREAT prices!
Fast and reasonable shipping.  Also a very good product!  I loved the bifocals... Hope you don't mind that I'm giving your web address to several of my friends.  I'll be placing another order again soon.  At $6.49 each (bifocal) I can put a set in my pickups, tool box, garage, a couple at work and if they get a minor scratch toss them out. Thank you for great service".
"I am writing to say how very pleased I am with my recent purchase from your
company. In addition to good quality reading glasses at a wonderfully low
price, the service provided was expedient and flawless. Thank
you very much".
"First of all this is a very friendly company that promptly answers email queries. (They are) the most helpful email 'guy(s)' I have ever met, and go out of (their) way to provide exceptional service.  Secondly, this is a company that sends stuff out FAST!!!  I only ordered on the Tuesday, and by Saturday my specs were with me here in England!!!  And thirdly - and quite amazingly, these are quality specs at really affordable prices, with a great range to choose from!   What else could you possibly ask for...?? great value specs, polite and efficient service, and a real pleasure to do business with!!"

"Cannot say enough to praise your great customer service. You have gone above and beyond and you can be assured that I will be your loyal customer and will spread the word to my friends.  Thanks a bunch."

"I have been a customer for a number of years and it has always been a pleasure to do business with your company."

"Thank you for the follow up: what good customer service you have.  In a world of slipping quality, you can all be proud of that."

"I tried to put in a testimonial but didn't see any way to do it so I'll let you know myself just how pleased I am with the glasses I got. I compared them to ones I use right now when I'm cross-stitching and I can't see any difference between yours and the more expensive ones I own. I am very happy with your glasses and am giving all my friends your web page address and telling them to order through no one but you !!"

"I've been a dispensing optician for over 30 years and got out of the "over-the-counter" readers business long ago.  Rather than send my simple presbyopic patients to Wal-Mart or Target, I can send them home to their computer so they can get MORE for LESS at  The higher plus powers you offer (over +3.75) are a real benefit for the emerging macular degeneration patient. Much continued success in your venture!"

"I received my order of 3 pairs of 2.5 glasses today and I just wanted to let you know that they are great! The lens quality is very good,  they look good, and they are very good quality overall *especially* considering how reasonably priced they are. Thank you very much!"

"I just wanted to let you know that your service is the fastest I've ever encountered."

"I recently purchased a pair of reader sunglasses from you  - no corrective lens on top with a biofocal (2.00) on the bottom, and they are great!   I was able to read on the beach, and I found the sunglasses to work especially well while driving - my distant vision was great because of the contacts and I can also read the gauges in my car."

I received  my sunglasses they are perfect, thank you so much sure appreciate the time you spent making this a very good experience.  I have told allot of people about this site I feel this is one way of repaying you for what you did for me.  Thanks again L...

"I am glad to be able to get what I need from you and at such a good price.  These are the best reading glasses for me and at that price, if I lose a pair it's not a big deal I just order more.  I also give them to my friends.  When they see mine they always want a pair."

"I have been looking for the exact reading glasses I ordered from you today.  What I paid for on your site for the 3 pairs I would pay for one pair.  I am so glad I found you."

"I am continually impressed with your company. You seem to really care about your customers, always answer your e-mail within hours (sometimes minutes) and your orders are shipped promptly. How do you do it? ... I hope you ... maintain your small company attitude towards customers."

"Order received today. Can't decide if your product or your service is best since both are superior. Oh, well. So glad I found your web site!"

"I just love your company and have been telling people about you when they ask me where I get my cool glasses.  I am like a little advertisement!"

"I was amazed at the quality of the glasses that I received by my recent order. I ordered 4 pair (3-different styles) and found that each was as good or better than the one preceeding it.  I'm not the kind of person who gives testimonials, but for the price, the quality and delivery were awsome. I am today ordering 4 more pair before I find out this is a dream."

"I love this service.  I had my eyes checked recently and the doctor checked my 4readers (reading glasses) and said they were of a good guality and I could continue using them.  My eye exam was paid for by my HMO and 4readers are so inexpensive I have them everywhere.  Thanks again."

"I ordered my glasses last Monday and I received them today (Wednesday). That is super service and I am very pleased with the quality of the glasses.You people will
definitely be my source for reading glasses from now on."

"I had to drop you a line just to let you know how pleased I am with the service, the products, and the prices.  I'll never hesitate to order from you again, and to recommend you to everyone I know."

"The quality of the readers I received is better than others I paid 4X more for, both optically and in the construction and fit of the frames.  You truly deliver what you promise!"

"We gotta spread the LOVE!  And I do LOVE you guys!  I keep a pair of your glasses in every room of my house!  A pair by the computer, my chair for the TV, the thermostat, the makeup table, the bed, the bathroom, the clock radio, the cd player by my bed, in several purses, at get the picture!  All the best to you and your crew."

"Thank You for your wonderful service.  I already have a few people who will be ordering from you.  You're great !"   "Had to drop a line to say thank you!  I moved from London to the Greek island of Crete.  I ordered 3 pairs of glasses, and today, less than one week later they arrived safely.  They are lovely and light, the vision excellent and I will be ordering some more now that I have found you!"

"I received my first order yesterday.  I am very happy with your extremely fast shipping and the quality and price of your merchandise.  I will definitely order from you again."

"I received my glasses promptly!!!  Super product.  Great quality lenses.   Thank You."

"I love the glasses. I thank you for providing such fine products at such a reasonable price!"

"I must say you are very effecient (sic) and that is what I look for in a business relationship.... thank you for all the help you have given to me and  all I can say is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!    I am excited about a long business relationship with your company!!!!"  (from an optical company)

"Your glasses are great. I'm rough on glasses. One of the bifocals  got run over by a car. It was pretty much unusable, but the glass and frame were still intact. And a few days ago, I stepped on another pair, folded the arms over flat. I bent them back and they are fine."

"I just received my two pair of reading/bifocal glasses and cleaning cloth. I love them!
Now I can leave one pair at school on my desk, so I can help my little first graders learn
how to read, and I can see how to read! ... I like the top part of the glasses with no strength; so I can also wear my contacts, but look through them like regular glasses instead of over the frames!  They are great! Thank you so much for your help!!  This is great!"
"Can you please include in my order some of your business cards. I get so many compliments on my glasses I am constantly giving your website out! Love to share the LOVE! Can't wait to see the new animal print! Love the pic of them on the pussycat! Very cute! As always, all the best, M.W."
"Just received my glasses today, thanks for the speedy, no hassle service. It is sure nice doing business with your company. I will recommend it to everyone that I know that wears readers."
" I received my 5 diopter glasses, every bit as good as the pair I paid dearly for....  the doctor (an MD} finally prescribed them, assuring me that they would not harm my eyes. That pair was over $300....  The sooner you get these glasses in the hands of online buyers, the sooner many other needy people will be served."

(We've gotten many more unsolicited testimonials over the years. We've chosen segments of only a few for this page.)


Points of interest: The level of magnification in the lenses of reading glasses is called diopter strength. A very weak magnification would be found in reading glasses with a diopter strength of +.75 or +1.00. Off-the-shelf reading glasses sold in drug stores or elsewhere on the Internet are often offered in diopter strengths that start with 1.50, and with only a few options for stronger lenses.  We offer from 1.00 to 4.00 in many models.

Presbyopia is progressive, and therefore, the strength of magnification in your reading glasses will probably have to be increased as time goes on. Moreover, depending on what else is going on with your body, you may find that your need for stronger and weaker lens strengths can fluctuate slightly during any given period. In fact, you may need a stronger lens strength to eliminate the blur when you read your newspaper in the morning than what you would need to read the same newspaper in mid-day. That is why some experienced users of reading glasses have more than one pair, each with slightly different diopter strengths. According to these experienced users, whether you would find greater comfort with more than one pair is something best determined through trial and error.

Reading glasses are available without a prescription, and are intended as an aid if you have blurred vision at close distances. In fact millions of people just like you have determined for themselves what strength glasses they needed, and then bought them without ever consulting a doctor or other licensed professional. The easiest way to find out the diopter strength you need is to visit a drug store, department store or other retail outlet that sells reading glasses, and try on a few different strengths.

If you have no idea where to start, consider using this average age formula: If you are under 40 years old, you probably should start with a +1.25 strength. Between ages 40 and 45, you probably need +1.75. At ages 45 to 50, you probably need +2.00. After age 50, you probably need +2.25.

Another method is to try on different diopters at your local supermarket at drugstore. Pick up material to read and note the lowest diopter that you are comfortable reading with.

While this is based on averages, and you should try to find the precise lens that helps you, the nice thing about buying our glasses if you make a mistake, you can quickly and at no risk to you, rectify it by exchanging them at no extra charge.

In addition to the methods mentioned, you can always visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist to have your eyes refracted.